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Kamida training

Eco-Driving Training: How to Save Fuel

Want to learn how to drive efficiently: reduce fuel consumption and vehicle operating and repair costs markedly, drive safely and contribute to reduction in pollution?

Practice based experience shows that a new style of driving, which has been becoming increasingly popular all over the world – energy-efficient driving - can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent! Have you already calculated how much would you save? You should add to this amount the difference in vehicle operating and repair costs and take into account losses reduced due to fewer road accidents. Now, you know for sure why energy-efficient driving is worth learning.

Kamida organizes energy-efficient driving training classes for drivers from enterprises and single individuals. The programme of this training consists of theory classes and practical driving sessions together with a consultant-instructor.

During theoretical part of the training, the drivers familiarize themselves with the principles of energy-efficient driving, technologies, possibilities and benefits.

During the practical driving sessions, the drivers-trainees are shown how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. A consultant-instructor on energy-efficient driving takes a seat next to the driver in a truck (Euro 6) and assists the driver in mastering the principles of energy-efficient driving through pieces of advice with the motorist behind the wheel and the vehicle in motion. During the practical training sessions, the motorists gain fuel saving skills to drive efficiently not only on the roads, but also on the streets of the city.

Duration of practical training session: 1 hour. The training is intended for both new and experienced motorists.

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